Guy Shalev

Entered Program: 2012
BA, Sociology-Anthropology and Psychology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Magna Cum Laude)
MA, Anthropology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Magna Cum Laude)

Research interests:
Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Expertise, Anthropology of the Middle East, Palestinians in Israel

Statement of Interest:
With Palestinians comprising about 12% of physicians working in Israel, the country’s public health system is one of the few arenas in which Arab and Jewish citizens work side-by-side, though often on less than equal terms. In this context, Palestinian physicians in Israel navigate a delicate balance between medical neutrality and a politics of difference. While the Israeli medical sphere is often presented as scientific and neutral, suspicions and hostility that mark everyday encounters challenge idealized conceptions of expertise, medical ethics, technical dexterity and biomedical scientific logic. Through ethnographic research my study examines the interplay between appeals to neutrality, practices of exclusion, and acts of concealing these practices. I inquire into the implications of the practice and assertion of professional neutrality, including not only how it conceals political conflict and difference but how it also serves as a ground for social mobility and political action for marginalized Palestinian physicians in Israel.

2014 National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant
2014 Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, Silver Graduate Research Fellowship
2013 Society for the Anthropology of Religion, Student Paper Prize
2013 Israeli Sociological Society, Best M.A. Thesis Award

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